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The use of this website and any other website which is made available to you (collectively, the “Site”) by AB Food & Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd (“Ovaltine”) is subject to the following:

Your Use Of This Site & Intellectual Property Rights

You may use information from the Site for your own personal or internal (non commercial) corporate use provided there is no removal, alteration or modification of any information, content, notice, trade mark or logo. Except where permitted under applicable copyright legislation, you need to obtain the prior written consent of Ovaltine to otherwise copy, modify, sell, communicate, distribute, adapt, publish, store, frame, reproduce, display or otherwise use any of the material on this Site (including any copyright or trade mark).

Without limiting your rights (if any) under applicable consumer legislation:

Ovaltine makes no representation that the information provided at this Site is free from errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

Ovaltine does not:
(a) accept any responsibility for any third party site, including the content of those third party sites; and
(b) make any representation or endorsement in relation to any third party site or service available at a third party site.

Customer Reviews published on our Site are the views and opinions of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Ovaltine.

Please consider whether the information contained at this Site and any linked website is appropriate to your particular situation. The information at this Site does not take into account the particular circumstances of you or any third party.

Ovaltine is not responsible for information you provide to Ovaltine through or in relation to the Site, including where that information is misleading, infringes or otherwise impinges upon any third party’s rights, violates any applicable law or code of conduct or contains any virus or other harmful feature. The content on the Site is intended purely for educational use and is not intended to take the place of, or substitute, medical advice. Should you require any medical support or advice about your personal circumstances, please consult with your health care professional.