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How Ovaltine is changing the way families sleep


A good night’s sleep is a magical thing.

Getting enough sleep (and particularly good quality sleep) has so many health benefits, including improved cognitive function, enhanced immune system function, better mood regulation, and increased productivity. In fact, sleep sits alongside food, water and breathing on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

It’s no surprise then that bad sleep has negative consequences. Sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, weakened immune system, impaired cognitive abilities, and mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. If you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, sleep disturbances or been a parent, you’ll know this all too well.

One way we’ve evolved to get the most out of our sleep is through bedtime routines and rituals. Regardless of what your personal rituals entail (be it soft lighting, soothing music or a warm drink, planned or incidental), chances are it’s doing you good.

Family rituals

For families, bedtimes can be challenging. There’s conflicting schedules, needs and preferences and, as parents, we’re often running on empty. Bedtime rituals for families are so important, not only for sleep-related health and wellbeing, but as a tool to nurture a sense of care and connection.

Gentle rituals give us an opportunity to come together, to show affection towards one another and to foster deeper connections. These bonding moments open the doors of communication, where heartfelt conversations and moments of reflection can be shared, strengthening our relationships. By prioritising a bedtime ritual or two, families prioritise the wellbeing of each member, cultivating an atmosphere of love, trust, and togetherness that extends far beyond the realm of sleep.

The Ovaltine tradition

Since 1865, Ovaltine has been deeply connected to family and sleep. From its inception, it’s been a uniquely comforting presence in households around the world, and served as the keystone of countless bedtime rituals. Ovaltine has never been just a beverage, but an important source of nutrition and care.

Today, 157 years later, Ovaltine’s reputation for nourishing both body and soul is as strong as ever, and now, with Ovaltine Sleep, we have an even more soothing and delicious way to wind down before bed.

Changing bedtimes for good

The new Ovaltine Sleep with magnesium has been specifically formulated to complement your evening rituals, and support a restful sleep. Magnesium is clinically proven to help you to wind down (both physically and mentally), to regulate melatonin levels for healthy sleep-wake cycles, and improve sleep quality by boosting your nervous system’s ability to block disruptive signals.

A warm mug of Ovaltine Sleep is more active than just milk, feels more natural than magnesium powder or pills, tastes better than sleep vitamins and supplements. Best of all, it’s safe for the whole family, including children over the age of five.

By embracing both bedtime rituals and Ovaltine Sleep, we can tap into a tradition rooted in connection and care, creating a safe and nurturing environment and promoting restful sleep. Because when we prioritise our collective wellbeing, we strengthen the bonds that bring joy and fulfilment into our lives.