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Ovalteenies: More Than A Blast From The Past


Remember Ovalteenies? Those delicious, malty, button-sized treats were the snack to have for any kid growing up in the 80s and 90s.
There were Ovalteenies stickers, badges and figurines. And who could forget the
Ovalteenies skipping, sliding and skating across our TV screens in one of the most
iconic advertisements of all time.
There are few foods that can conjure up this kind of nostalgia and affection, and
Ovalteenies have a place in the hearts of a whole generation.

Ovalteenies characters

Now, you might be wondering: do Ovalteenies still exist?

Yes! Believe it or not, they never left. You can find Ovalteenies value packs in the confectionery aisle of Woolworths and Big W: that’s nine fun-size sachets of Ovaleenies in one convenient pack. Look out for the bright orange design!

Did you know?In the early 2000s, the usually-round Ovalteenies became oval-shaped to better reflect the name. This decision was promptly overturned due to overwhelming demand.


What can I do with Ovalteenies?

Ovalteenies are more than just retro novelties or throwbacks. These moreish, malty treats have stood the test of time and are ready to delight a whole new generation of itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little fans.

Here are five ways to bring Ovalteenies back into your life:

School lunch boxes

The classic. Pop a sachet of Ovalteenies into your kids lunch box and share the magic with them.

Party bags

Compact, fun and delicious, Ovalteenies are the perfect addition to your kids’ next party.


Each portion of Ovalteenies is individually wrapped, making it a winning choice for Halloween.


A sachet of Ovalteenies fits easily in pockets, wallets and handbags for an on-the-go snack that won’t weigh you down. As